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Here you can conveniently settle your AugustusTours invoice online.
To ensure that your payment is correctly allocated, we would ask you to provide us with the following details:

- Invoice no. (in format xxx - xxxxxxxx -x)
- Client no. (in format xxxxx)
- First name / surname of the travel applicant (or, in the case of partial payments, the first name / surname of the traveller for whom payment is made)
- Your e-mail address, if you wish to receive an automated e-mail about the status of your payment.
- Credit card details
- Payer's address (mandatory for all credit card payments within the European Union in order to prevent fraud).

If you need help in completing our payment page, please use our instructions for the correct usage of the AugustusTours online payment system.
Payment page for your trip with AugustusTours
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